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Mine Ventilation Gb Mishra.pdf (Final 2022)




The overall objective of mining is the extraction of an amount of mineral, most commonly ores, from the ground in the shortest amount of time and at a minimum cost. The duration of a mining operation depends on the time it takes to extract a given amount of ore, and the cost of the mining operation depends on the costs of the mining equipment, transportation and labor costs. The mining industry consists of three stages, the primary, secondary and tertiary stage. In the primary stage the focus is on establishing the reserves of the mineral resources, and the secondary stage is the extraction of the mineral from the mines. The tertiary stage is the economic rehabilitation of the mines and the removal of the waste rock, tailings and other mine-related wastes. A geologist first looks at the quantity and quality of the ore body that is likely to be in the ground and then identifies the most appropriate mining methods. A geologist also identifies and defines the size, shape and size of the deposit that is to be mined and then selects the mining methods to be applied to recover the ore. The secondary stage is performed using primary methods and equipment, and the tertiary stage is performed using primary and secondary methods and equipment. CHAPTER 01: GENERAL INTRODUCTION Mineral deposits often occur in a number of different shapes and sizes. Miners have developed a number of methods and techniques to extract these deposits. The purpose of the first chapter is to describe and introduce the concept of mining and geology. Also, the book will provide the reader with a brief overview of geology, the subject it deals with. CHAPTER 02: THE NATURE OF MINING METHODS Mining processes are generally subdivided into three stages, namely; primary, secondary and tertiary, according to their importance. A primary stage is an early stage in the production of a mineral deposit, a secondary stage is one that follows production in the earliest stage of production, and the tertiary stage is a stage that follows production of the mineral from a primary or secondary stage. The minerals that are to be mined are called ores. Their properties are used to classify them and determine whether they are mineral or non-mineral (e.g., sand and gravel). A mining operation is characterized by an ore body of the required size, shape and orientation in a rock or other foundation. It should be identified and defined by a qualified geologist. Mining companies or individuals do not own ore bodies, only the right to extract the mineral by some means. The mining company ob



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Mine Ventilation Gb Mishra.pdf (Final 2022)

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